The Druckhaus Gummersbach

Quality, reliability and flexibility are the fundamental traditions we follow at the Druckhaus Gummersbach. These traditions coupled with cutting-edge technology guarantee the reliability and quality of our services. We combine precise craftsmanship and modern technology with the highest level of workmanship and flexibility in order to fullfill our customers demand for the highest possible standards. Apart from the excellence of our competent and experienced staff and state of the art equipment, Druckhaus Gummersbach stands behind our commitment to quality workmanship with a partnership between our certified quality management team and the excellence of our capable and experienced staff ensuring your complete satisfaction. Since 2002 our company has conducted business according to the certified quality management DIN EN ISO 9001.2008 and since 2010 also the rules of the FSC- and the PEFC-standard.

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Certificate ISO 9001:2010        Certificate FSC 2001:2010        Certificate PEFC 9001:2010
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