Our company’s history

The Druckhaus Gummersbach has evolved to its current state starting in 1845 with a print house founded by the Flamm Brothers in Waldbröl. In 1956, Werner Wagener began working for Flamm as an apprentice. In 1969, Mr. Wagener became shareholder and in 1983 took control of the company and it was renamed to Flamm Druck Wagener GmbH. In 1994 Mr. Wagener and his wife Helga bought Druckhaus Gummersbach forming a company known as Druckhaus Gummersbach Wagener GmbH. In 1999 the companies were merged and the entire production and administrative staffs were transferred to Gummersbach.

At the end of 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Wagener sold the Druckhaus Gummersbach to the PrintPark Group in Neuss. The latest incarnation of the company is known as Druckhaus Gummersbach PP GmbH. Mr. and Mrs. Wagener did provide support to the new management team as advisors helping for a positive professional advancement for the Druckhaus Gummersbach PP GmbH.
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